Saturday, 1 December 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 2: Orange Nails!

Good Morning Rose Petals!

It's Day 2! I'm really enjoying painting my nails every day, although I was a bit gutted this morning when I realised I had ruined my false nails this morning :( I have ordered some more though so they will be back soon! Here's today's manicure:

I think I took the 'Orange' thing a little bit literally... I recreated oranges on my nails! I think they look pretty cute if I'm honest! The little brown dots are supposed to be the bumps on the skin of the orange and I think they look alright. They went exactly to my plan which is always nice, although I will only be wearing them for a day as I am starting my Christmas Challenge tomorrow! Here are the polishes I used:

From left to right: Saffron #57: Matte Orange, Saffron #56: Matte Lime, Saffron #25: Chocolate

Once again they are all Saffron Polishes! As I said in my previous post I did order 33 of them so expect to see a lot of them in my 31 Day Challenge manicures! I used #57 as the base and then used a dotting tool and the #56 to create the leafy part of the orange at the base of the nail near the cuticles. Then I used a smaller dotting tool and #25 to create the dots/bumps of the orange! I've been presently surprised by Saffron polishes as I expected that they'd be very difficult to work with considering I got them so cheap. They go on well, and apart from a strange smell that they create, (not necessarily a bad one) they are perfect! The #57 Matte Orange was one of the polishes that I was more excited about wearing and I must admit I love it and I will be wearing it a lot more often (unfortunately for everyone around me). I definitely recommend that if you don't have a lot of money but want lots of different colour polishes that you check out Saffron Polishes at! I'm hoping to complete my Saffron collection soon :) (when I can afford to).

Let me know if you are enjoying my manicures! Also send me pics of your Orange manicures so I can fangirl over the colour orange a little bit more!

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